Evan Zucker's Photos of Lower Manhattan and Midtown

Ground Zero, site of the World Trade Center -- October 14-15, 2001

Evan Zucker is a native New Yorker currently living in San Diego, California. He owns Totality Software, Inc., which publishes Totality, a database program for managing collection accounts by law firms, collection agencies, and creditors. Click here for information about Evan Zucker.

For photos of this same area of the World Trade Center site taken 7 months later in May 2002, click here.

We Will Rebuild

Times Square Recruiting Station

Souvenir Shop Off of Times Square

Times Square Billboard

Broadway at 17th Street

Lower Manhattan Map

Buses Only On Broadway South of Canal Street


City Hall

Barricade At Park Row

Woolworth Building

Park Row and Ann Street

St. Paul's Cathedral

Memorabilia At Park Row

WTC Photos at Park Row

Ambulance at St. Paul's

Emergency Vehicles

Air Force Tech Sergeant

Broadway and Fulton Street

Broadway and Fulton Street 2

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